Buff Brew is turning 6!

 Get your birthday suit ready, this one’s going to be a doozie.


Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. 6th Anniversary

With a final flip of the calendar page and all of the memories of 2017, a new journey is beginning. We’re thankful for another chance to show you how much you mean to us. Each of the huge accomplishments Buff Brew has made in the previous 5 years of operation is because Houston asked for it. We want to take our first steps together with the people who made it all possible.

Ok, enough mushy talk and googly eyes over how amazing you guys are, even though we could go on forever. Let’s get to what you’re here for: THE PARTY!

 furry MQ

If we’ve learned anything over the past few years it’s that you guys really love us. Over 550 of you crazy buffaloes packed Nolda St. last year and we’re expecting even more this go around. Just like every year, the city is going to pack this thing out quick!

Beer, BBQ, and Beats


Friends don’t let friends drink on an empty stomach, unless there’s a sharpie and a camera nearby. Blood Bros. will have the BBQ bumping on the culinary 1’s and 2’s. There’s absolutely no fricking way we would think about doing something this big without the crew that’s been with us all along the way. Speaking of 1’s and 2’s, you better bring your dancing shoes. We do LOVE your acapella renditions of Don’t Stop Believin’ 5 beers in, but DJ Seek is providing the perfect tunes so you can focus on celebrating, stuffing your face, and enjoying generally responsible grown up activities.



We’ve got beers from Buff Brew’s past, present, & future for you this Saturday! Feel free to join us for Houston’s most creative beer, Blood Bros. BBQ on the culinary 1’s & 2’s, and a soundtrack by DJ Seek or be jealous while you scroll your social media feeds.

Our favorites so far:

Grab ’em by the Buffalo
Guava and Black Currant. If it wasn’t our beer, we’d probably be dating it.
Kermit’s Nightcap
Maple Chili Jam w/ Bourbon & Cedar. Kermit triple fists:
a nightcap, a cigar, and a side of bacon.
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Vanilla, Cinnamon & Cayenne on a Russian Imp Stout.
A think piece on Russo-Mexican Relations.
Neverland Surprise
Starts off with chocolate notes and finishes vanilla; best when young.

We’re testing the last of our brew list, be on the lookout for even more delicious brews.  See you Saturday!

With beats and entertainment fueled by Blood Bros. BBQ and Buffalo Bayou brews, get your tickets now and come celebrate with us as we give thanks to all of you for supporting us on this incredible 6 year journey!


I want to buy tickets!


I hate fun.