Saturday, May 12th from 6-9 PM at Buffalo Bayou Brewery gather round to behold a spectacle like no other. Pack your stomach like a clown car on Blood Bros BBQ while you juggle over 30 different BuffBrews. DJ Seek will be laying the soundtrack to our main event while you enjoy a sideshow full of carnival games, a naughty balloon twister, and a dunk tank with some folks we’re sure you’d love to drench. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare for the freakiest show on earth!


Buff Brew Spring Carnival Sam



Step right up! We’re sure the brews you’ll have on Saturday will leave you full of ooh’s and ahh’s. Feel free to join us or get left in the lion cage. Hint, they haven’t eaten in days.


Our favorites so far:

Hush Money
Quad w/ Dates & Black Pepper aged on Port-soaked oak chips.
So rich you’ll shut up and like it.
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Vanilla, Cinnamon & Cayenne on a Russian Imp Stout.
A think piece on Russo-Mexican Relations.
Pina Cowbellada
Pineapple & Coconut on a double IPA.
Picture Christopher Walken on the beach with cornrows getting white girl wasted.



Early bird special tickets are available now until May 7th for a special limited-edition BuffBrew Carnival pint glass and all-you-can-responsibly-drink event pass. Get your head out of the lion’s mouth and crack the whip on yours (and your friends’, and your friends’ friends) before they sell out!



👩‍🎤 🦄

Ringmasters, Freaks & Geeks

🤡 🤬

Bozos and Bears On Unicycles

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